rotating heat exchanger problem

i've tried body/edge/face sizing, face meshing but i couldn't improve the skewness and orthogonal quality of my mesh, with this kind of geometry (rotating air preheater, the middle layer which is the rotating domain (porous zone) , and the other 2 layers fluid domain). The quality of the mesh stuck on the skewness which is between 0,22-0,26 and orthogonal quality still in 0,72-0,75 with the amount of elements 2-3 million. i'm hoping it could achieve the excellence quality...

is the bad meshing quality can also have impact on the result on temperature distribution? i've tried to change the temperature scale, using inflation, change mesh type (tetra/hexa/poly) but it seems the pattern itself of the temperature distribution still not correct.. maybe the rotating setting in the cell zone and boundary condition?

i'll be really thankful for someone who can give me some tips to get accurate and excellence mesh for this condition and the solution for the setup.


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