orthotropic material properties of sinusoidal corrugated steel

Hello everyone,

I want to modell a corrugated steel pipe in Ansys as a simple cylinder with orthotropic properties. I started modelling a simple plate and I found Ex, Ey and Gxy, exy, with formulas from literature and I put these values in ansys to than compare the thin plate (with orthotropic properties) and the corrugated plate. My problem is that to modell a cylinder I need other values such as Ez, shear modulus Gyz Gxz and Poison´s ratio eyz ,exz. I know that it has not so much to do with Ansys but I dont know how to find this from Literature and to apply it in Ansys. Or Should I try different values to see which is more relevant to approach the solution of a corrugated cylinder. If anyone has had the same issue or has knowledge in this direction I would be happy of every advice! Many thanks in advance!


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