Autodyn Using Multiple Nodes on Clusters

Hi All,

Please does any one knows if it is possible to use more than one node on cluster?

I have been trying it out but all efforts to no avail.

Thanks a lot for your help.


  • mrifemrife PHLForum Coordinator Posts: 116

    Hi @VictorBabs

    Can you please be more specific and give more details. For example usually when we talk about 'using multiple nodes on a cluster' the context is in solving on the cluster. But interacting with the application (in this case Autodyn) locally. But your phrasing reads as if you want to start Autodyn interactively on multiple cluster nodes. Often clusters have specific visualization nodes so the method may be documented already by the cluster admin.

    What is the cluster job scheduler and which version of Autodyn are you using? The most common workflow would be to configure RSM to point to the job schedulers queue(s) on the cluster. On your local computer. Then when you are finished pre-processing the model locally send the job to be solved on the cluster, via RSM. RSM will transfer the Autodyn input file and issue the appropriate job scheduler command to run the batch Autodyn solve on the number of CPU cores you requested. Across multiple compute nodes if needed.

    If you do need to start Autodyn manually, interactive, then please see the Ansys 2020 R2 Help -> Autodyn -> Autodyn Parallel Processing Guide -> Chapter 3 on Establishing a Parallel Processing Environment.


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