Harmonic Analysis advice

To start, I'm a biology student and novice to ANSYS and engineering in general, so go easy on me (haha). I'm trying to do a harmonic response on the hyoid apparatus of an echolocating bat. The stylohyal bone wraps around the tympanic bone which is unique to echolocating bats, and scientists believe these bats send a vibration to the tympanic bone via the stylohyal bone to register outgoing calls which it compares to the returning echoes. I want to test and see if this bone is behaving as assumed. I have the geometry which was segmented from microCT data. I also have material properties, connections, and supports assigned. I performed a modal analysis and linked it to the harmonic response. For the Harmonic response analysis, I applied a force (right now, a mere guess) on the inside of the hyoid body which sits up against the larynx (how the bat produces calls), and I added a frequency response - total deformation on the tympanic bone in the solution. We also need to add damping and have played with it but haven't quite figured it out.

Per the solution, the tympanic seems to resonate right around the frequencies these bats send out, which is good news; however, to be honest, I'm not sure if I am doing any of this correctly. Surely, I must be doing something wrong. Is this the correct analysis to test something like this? Also, there are phase angles in the solution - what are they and are they important for my analysis? I have attached a photo of the model for now - only modeling half of the apparatus (they are symmetrical). I can post an actual file and/or results in a bit, but I figured this would be a good start for now.

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