Maxwell Transient Analysis Run-time reduction

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Hello everyone

I'm doing a Maxwell 3D transient analysis (Electronics Desktop) of a UDP RMxprt machine with a slotcore, PM's and coils with defined excitations I also reduced the model and set boundaries for it, my goal is to analyse this model in order to extract the equivalent circuit to measure the voltage and current induced on the coils and to rectify it to a DC voltage and current through diodes.

My Problem is it takes 8 hours to simulate which is way too long for something rather simple in shape. I noticed that the simulation always runs past my defined stop time and I cannot figure out why it does this and how I can prevent it from doing so. (For example I once just set the stop time to 10ms and then it would end somewhere much later)

Could someone please tell me where I can tell it to stop and not go point this point in time cause I don't need it to? (For example below the stop time by default is set to about 10ms but the simulation is already running past 1.288s and still going.)


  • Hi,

    Could you draw something really simple (like a cuboid) to simulate and see how long it takes to run, to test if it's your computer/set up's problem or the rmxprt model's problem. Also, where did it show 1.288s on the software? On menu bar if you click view-->set view context, you will be able to see the time the software has run.

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