How to calculate radiation efficiency factor - Ansys Acoustic analysis

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Is it possible to calculate radiation efficiency factor (often denoted as sigma) of a structure (e.g. cylindrical shell from steel) in harmonic acoustic analysis in ANSYS 2020R1? Let the inner surface of shell be excited by some sinusoidal harmonic force. Let the boundary conditions to be free-free. i can model air enclosure and tell ansys to calculate Radiated Sound Power, Far field sound power level, ... as a function of frequency.

Is it possible somehow to display radiation efficiency factor as function of frequency as well?

In the picture i present formula that should be used by Ansys to calculate sound power level:

However this equation does not contain radiation factor sigma:

On the internet i found this:

but i dont know how to extract radiation ratio efficiency from the results ansys can provide me in harmonic acoustic analysis


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