Ansys Innovation Courses Spread Simulation Education Far and Wide

mkumarmkumar Lebanon, NH Admin Posts: 2

The innovations of tomorrow depend on the education the next generation of engineers is receiving today. As the development of autonomous vehicles, 5G infrastructure, electric powertrains and artificial intelligence continue to grab headlines, educators are faced with daunting challenges. They have to prepare engineering students for a drastically different future and engage them in practical applications while instilling a solid understanding of physics. And now, in the midst of a global pandemic, educators need to convey those lessons remotely.

Ansys is here to help educators, students and professional engineers who would like to brush up on new techniques or branch out into different disciplines. We have launched Ansys Innovation Courses, a new addition to the Ansys Academic Program. The program provides free, online learning on demand. The Innovation Courses integrate real-world simulation case studies with physics theory short courses. Students are guided.

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