Create 3D model in ANSYS using coordinates (One layer structured mesh and rest unstructured mesh)

I have stored each cross-section co-ordinates in a txt file. This way there are several txt files for other cross-sections to create a 3D model. If needed, all the co-ordinates can be put in one txt file.

1) Is there a way in ANSYS to import these txt files to create a 3D model with one layer of structured mesh around it? This 3D model will have an unstructured mesh around the structured mesh.

2)Alternatively, Is there a way to just import one layer of structured mesh of the 3D solid in ANSYS? On top of the structured mesh, I need unstructured mesh.

3) Also, Is there any specific file format to create the structured mesh from the model co-ordinates to import it in ANSYS?

I would appreciate any valuable feedback


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