2D study- Free fall of two cylinders rigidly connected to each other virtually in fluent


I want to set two cylinders to free fall with center to center spacing equal to 2 times their diameter in 2D. I want to use 6dof solver and a rigid connection between these two cylinders virtually i.e, the fluid can move between the cylinders and one cylinder can rotate with respect to other cylinder keeping the gap constant. Can we do this in fluent? If yes, can you please guide me through the process. any reference video, link would be really helpful.



  • kkourbatkkourbat Forum Coordinator

    combining cylinders into one surface zone and defining an appropriate center of gravity location should enable you to accomplish intended modeling goals. A web search for "6dof rigid Ansys Fluent" will bring up quite a few videos on the topic which you can use for guidance. Sec. 11.6.5. Six DOF Solver Settings of 2020 Ansys Fluent User Guide would be another good reference to use.

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