How can I use moving boundaries?


I am working on a twin-screw extruder simulation. I am using polyflow for this but I am having problems on the internal moving screws. I am trying to use polyfuse for it, but it is not working so well.. Is there another way of applying the moving boundaries?

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  • ydaiydai Moderator

    Hello Larissa,

    I saw your replying to Benjamin last week, saying you were able to convert the mesh for polyfuse. But now you say polyfuse not working so well. What do you see on "not so well"? Unfortunately, using polyfuse to combine the three mesh mesh components, screw1, screw2 and case are the onlly way to get the polyflow mesh to use mesh superposition technology feature in polyflow.



    you wrote


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    I converted the file and it worked.

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  • Larissa333Larissa333 Member
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    Hello Yi, (edit - @ydai )

    I had a problem with converting the mesh to the right .msh file (not the fluent one). Now I understood how to do this using de polydata app. I used DesignModeler to drar tha assembly of the extruder and I did the meshing using mechanical. I tried to use it directly on polyflow and I got the results and so on. The only problem is that the screws are not moving in my results. Is this because I am not using polyfuse and than the superposition technique is not working?

    Thank you so much for your attention,


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