Error with SPICE model importing in Ansys Simplorer

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Dear all,

I have trouble importing a LTSpice model into Anysis Simplorer.

The model i am trying to import is a model of MOSFET from ON Semiconductors (

I import the model as follows:

in Simplorer by clicking Tools > Project tools > Import simplorer models and when the dialog to select the file opens i open the .txt file that came when i downloaded the simulation model from ON Semi.

After i click Ok to import the model i get an error in Simplorer stating the following:

20200718_Synchronous_Buck (C:/Users/Samo/Documents/Studij/20191106_Raziskovalno_delo/1. Projekti/4. Synchronous Buck/)

 [warning] Unable to find any SPICE models to import from C:/Users/Samo/Documents/Studij/20191106_Raziskovalno_delo/1. Projekti/4. Synchronous Buck/1. Components/3. MOSFET/2. ON Semi, FDBL86361_F085/2. Simulation models/LTSpice/mv7n_80v_std_rev3.2_ltspice.txt (10:00:15 AM Aug 28, 2020)

How can i work around this error and get the model imported?

Thank you for the help.

Best regards,



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