Design modeler- Surface with a sinusoidal profile


I wish to create a surface with a certain thickness by extruding a a sinusoidal profile (like the image below).

I created the data points using excel and imported them to design modeler using 3D-Curve, but I can't extrud this curve. I tried to import only the points and connect them in sketch using spline but it is not working too.

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P.S: Attached you can find the data points


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    Use SpaceClaim. Use the Equation tool to create a sinusoidal surface.

    Use the Pull tool to add thickness.

  • thank you very much Peter.

    I did not use SpaiceClaim bevor. I am trying now to make my Geometry using SpaceClaim. In my Geometry this sinusoidal spring is inside a container. I didn't find out how to make a tengent constraint between the lines of container in the sketch and the sinusoidal curve. if there are gaps between container and spring, then I will get the problem in contact of Static structural.

    thank you in advance

  • You know what the amplitude of the sinusiod is and its axis, so just use dimensions to put the lines in the right place relative to that axis.

    After you mesh, there may be a tiny gap between the nodes and elements at the tangent point. Use the Adjust to Touch setting in the Frictional Contact Details to close that tiny gap.

  • I have 32 cases to study, I wanted to set a tangent constraint and for each case just modify the amplitude, in order to save the time. so do you mean the only way is using dimensions to put the line in the place?

  • I am facing a problem by meshing, using SpaceClaim. I used always sweep method to generate solid-shell elements. but after using SpaceClaim I get an Error .

    I appreciate your help very much

  • Sweep is not necessary on a rectangular surface with Face Meshing. You should get Quad elements without a Sweep. Delete the Sweep Method.

  • thank you peter,

    according to my slender geometry I need SOLSH190 elment, if I use just Face Meshing to get Quad elements, the elements are not Solid shell anymore, are they?


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    You have very thin walled parts. Do not use solid geometry and do not mesh with solid elements is my recommendation. If you must use solids for some reason, such as a non-uniform wall thickness, then SOLSH190 is the best choice.

    Use surface models. You can extract a midsurface from a uniform wall thickness solid, or just start with surfaces and don't use solid geometry at all. When you bring surface geometry into Mechanical, you mesh it with quad shell elements like SHELL281 quadratic elements. The surfaces are assigned the thickness as a property, along with a material.

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