Static Structural: Solver Pivot Warning

I am trying to simulate the magnetic forces on an out-runner motor. I solve for the magnetic forces on the rotor magnets in Maxwell 2D. I port these forces into Ansys Static Structural using workbench. I want to know how the forces on a magnet will cause the rotor ring to deflect. Below I show the model with one magnet cause I am trying to isolate the problem that I am having. Anyways in my model I use a bonded contact to connect the magnet to the rotor ring. The rotor ring is fixed at the four holes. The magnet is assigned a surface force density. The model was simulated in 2D in ansys maxwell. Currently my model is running into errors:

Solver pivot warnings or errors have been detected in the UZ degree of freedom of node 14 located in Magnet_1. This is the result of an ill conditioned matrix possibly due to unreasonable material properties, an under constrained model, or contact related issues.

I think my issue might be related to how the body is constrained, especially cause the model came from Maxwell 2D. I am not an expert on this static structural solver so any help would be appreciated.


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