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Dear Ansys community,

For my thesis, my lab has given me a budget to set up a workstation for my work (and for them for the future)

The budget allows me to go for a 14-core CPU (we can afford a ~1000-1300 $ CPU), and I am a bit lost in the choice to be honest.

For now I foresee an Intel Xeon w-2275, but I was wondering if going for a Xeon, instead of an i9 for example, or maybe a similar performance AMD is worth it.

The only advantage I see in the Xeon for the moment is the ECC option, does it really make a difference ?

Thank you very much for your help


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     Here is recommended hardware (of course, you do not need to match all these specs)

    Intel® Xeon Core series 62xx also known as “Cascade Lake” Processors

    • Turn off Hyper-threading

    • Leave Turbo boost on

    Memory (Fastest memory, so DDR-4 2933 MHz)

    • To operate at maximum speed all memory channels in both processors should be populated with equal amounts

    of memory. Minimum 192 GB RAM per machine to meet this requirement.

    Interconnect (Server/Cluster solution ONLY)

    Omni-Path, EDR, QDR or FDR IB interconnect if you will be running on 2 or more nodes in parallel (on a cluster, Minimum

    10 G network.

    Hard Drives

    SSD (NVMe, M2 interface) drives.

    Graphics (Rendering)

    Nvidia Quadro NVIDIA® Quadro® P4000, NVIDIA® Quadro RTX™ 4000

    NOTE: For rendering/display – Ansys requires OpenGL and the workflow that is recommended is that you do all

    pre/post processing on a workstation and not on a server unless it is a graphics server. A high-end OpenGL graphics

    card and recent drivers are required.

    GPU (CFX does not support GPU)

    AVX2 (Fluent Only)

    • Supported ONLY for Fluent 18.2 and higher using this flag in your startup script: -platform=Inte

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