Workbench problem:required addins could not be loaded

JesseLinJesseLin Member

this is the 2020R2 student version, I can run Fluent but the workbench doesn't work and shows the error as the upper screenshot.

Thanks for your help!


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  • JesseLinJesseLin Member
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    I first tried to change my system to English. Since I had the family version of win10 which only supports one display language, I had to buy access to the pro version of win10 to change my system into English. I then changed my user name to the one without spaces and contains only english characters. My windows and other drivers were the newest version. After I tried all this, the workbench still didn't work.

    My course deadline is close, so I decided to reset my windows to see if it works. After I reseted the laptop, it seems to be a more renewed version of win10 pro. I tried to download ANSYS again and this time the workbench started working.

    A BIG thank you to @tsiriaks and my roommate Dr. Zhang.


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