Downloading ANSYS Teaching software for students

Good morning,

We've (departmental IT team) just finished setting up our license server with ANSYS teaching licenses. How can students enrolled in our department's courses obtain the ANSYS teaching software and install it on their personal machines?

We'd like for them to be able to get the software themselves and then point their installation at our license server.

Also, is there a differentiation between Teaching and Research software? How will our license server know whether or not a user is trying to check out a teaching licenses versus a research license? (Our server has some of both)

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  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Hello Ramai,

    Students cannot directly download the software unless they already have a Customer Portal account. What is recommended is for IT to provide the installation files to users.

    There is no differentiation between Teaching and Research installations, it's entirely license controlled. Users would need to specify license preferences to specify if they want to use Teaching or Research. That can be done in the Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility. When they run the applications it would then attempt to pull licenses in the order specified in their preferences.



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