Electromagnetic Analysis with Discovery AIM

I'm using the free student version Discovery AIM to make an electromagnetic analysis of an electromagnetic actuator. I drew everything in SpaceClaim and I want to start the simulation now. When I set up the physics, I get the error 'Maximum number of solid bodies allowed is 10' in the 'Electromagnetics Physic Region 1'. Is this acutally the limit of the student version? I wasn't able to find a limit which tells me how many solid bodies I can use, I only found the following limit: Electromagnetics: 50,000 elements.

If the 10 solid bodies are really the limit of this version, the version is pretty useless for students.


  • Hello Steradiant

    Let me check it and get back to you.

  • vganorevganore Pune, IndiaAdmin

    Thanks for providing a feedback. It is true that we have limit of 10 solid bodies for AIM Electromagnetic for current version. Is it possible for you to provide some more information regarding purpose of your work? is this for research or are you solving any capstones project or something else?

    It will help to improve our product further.

  • Hello Steradiant

    The AIM student version is limited to 10 bodies and 50,000 nodes for electromagnetic solutions. You can try combining the bodies which have same material properties and bring the count of bodies below 10.

  • I want to simulate and design an electromagnetic actuator for a projekt work at university. It's not a big actuater but my first sketch (with only a part of the actuator) already consits of 14 solids. If I want to simulate the whole actuator I'll most likely get up to 30 solids or more.

    I tried to combine everyting I could but I have 5 different permanent magnets and 6 different coils (with different currents) which I can't combine.

  • So if there are no ways to solve this, I'll most likely have to use another product.

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