Overlapped lines bothering meshing

Dear colleagues,

I'm modelling a layered cube with SOLID186 in Mechanical APDL. Each layer has controlled gaps (1mm voids) in specific positions. Because of that, my geometry model ends up with coincident lines with different length, not being able to use NUMMRG,ALL to merge them before meshing. If I didn't have those gaps, I would just use NUMMRG,ALL command to merge coincident KP,lines, etc. and my mapped meshing would work great.

I'm creating geometry with volumes using BLOC4 command. Each layer is composed of two blocs. Here are some pictures:

The regions like the one marked in red have 3 coincident lines, each of different length. Is there an "easy" way or command to be able to merge or reppair this problem, instead of having to do a more complicate geometry modelling?

Thanks in advance.



  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator

    Hi @Rodrigo ,

    Can you try increasing the tolerance?


    Ashish Khemka

  • I solved it!

    Actually, an APDL command that almost solved it was VSBA,ALL,ALL. It unified overlapped volumes and below, but then the problem was that I still needed some extra lines in the volumes to be able to do a mapped meshing.

    I ended up created extra volumes for to create these lines, and then used a NUMMRG,ALL to solve overlapped geometry.

    Thanks anyways for the rapid response!

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