electromagnetic torque....


Why when the torque curve is obtained as a function of position or as a function of time, these are the same....I know that the torque curve as a function of the position is correct but when the curve is obtained as a function of time, that's where the doubt falls, because when I look for the average torque in time it gives me zero or almost zero😔




  • nchodenchode Forum Coordinator


    Can you please provide some screenshots for the plots you are looking at and how are you taking the average values?

    Also, can you provide more information on which tool are you using (RMxprt /Maxwell) and which machine are you analysis?

    While plotting the average value, select all

    Then define range for average value with starting value from where torque graph reached stable values.

    I have plotted average torque value for one of the models and it gives proper result.



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