Not getting pure sine wave and volatage magnitude

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I am working to simulate the axial flux permanent magnet machine i have design all the parameters of model and analyze the setup but the results are not according to standard i need pure sine wave having value in volts (5 to 10V)

with 90 degree phase shift in the induced voltage attaced figure has shape near to sine but value in mV i have set the mesh is ansoft classic and small analysis setup when i increase the setup size distortion in waves occurs. i have get flux linkage waves are accurate but the induced voltage have ripples

Figure are attached

Please guide

Thanks 😃

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    I am moving this post to Electromagnetics.


    Ashish Khemka

  • hi Ashish,

    Where can i see electromagnetics forum ?


  • Hy

    How can i contact electromagnetism forum..;

  • Hy

    Thanks sir for your feedback i have check all the parameters you asked to review in the post.

    I have design a axial flux permanent magnet machine on autocad that figure are attached with all parameters and then i export .sat file from autocad 2020 to ansoft maxwell 2013 model and then assign all parameters motor setup cylinder and outer region also draw in autocad file after that i assign the section of windings as coil terminals as attached in figure i have not applied any current or voltage in the windings i just applied motion setup 32000 rpm to both rotors havings permanent magnets and want to get the sinusoidal back emf with nomimal voltage (10V)

    in the stator windings. I set the outer region as a insulating body as shown in figure.

    Kindly guide


    Best regards

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    As an Ansys employee, we are not authorized and can not access any attachments.

    Also we can not guide you directly on your projects or homeworks. But we can provide enough support related to using Ansys software tools.

    Please use upload image option and not the upload file option. Or just copy paste the screenshots.



  • Ok


    Here are some attached images of my project. According to my observation the issue in the magnet direction actually the path in which flux lines travel as shown in figure.

    Best Regards

  • Hy


    According to your requirements i have send you the necessary screenshot please review it and reply


  • Thanks sir

    I have get the sinusoidal voltage having nominal magnitude


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