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we have a campus wide license for Ansys and a user that is trying to access Maxwell receives an error and can't connect to the license server. Normal Ansys works just fine for the user, only the Maxwell package does not.

The error that we see is

Users of maxwell_desktop: (Error: 550 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)

Please advice.

Thank you!



  • Can you please try these steps on your computer: ELECTRONICS CLIENT

     1. For Windows: Attach a copy of C:\Program Files\AnsysEM\Shared Files\Licensing\ansyslmd.ini

    1.1 or For Linux ~InstallDir/AnsysEM/shared_files/licensing/ansyslmd.ini

    Please follow these steps for gathering the server side diagnostics.

    1. Launch ANSYS License Management Center

    1.1 For Windows: Click Start>All Programs>ANSYS, Inc. License Manager> ANSYS License Management Center or copy and paste this http://localhost:1084/ to any web browser

    1.2 For Linux: Run the start_lmcenter script in ansys_Inc/shared_files/licensing/ directory

    2. Click Gather Diagnostic Information

    3. Click SAVE TO FILE, the diagnostic folder will be created in the same directory as the “Download Location” set for the web browser that is used to open ANSYS License Management Center. If the web browser displays options between save and open, please save the file and attach a copy.

  • tsiriakstsiriaks 3240 El Camino Real #290, Irvine, CA 92602Forum Coordinator

    If your license status shows 'unsupported' like this, it means your currently installed license file contains expired maxwell_desktop license.

    Please check your installed license file against the latest license file that you received from your ANSYS Account Manager. It's likely that you can just install the latest license file to fix this.

  • Here is a text file given to me by the IT. Does this help?

  • Hi Boerge,

    Can you try to run the following commands in CMD Prompt on your workstation

    mkdir C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\.ansys

    set > C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\set.log 

    copy "%ANSYSEM_ROOT202%\..\..\Shared Files\licensing\ansyslmd.ini" C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\

    copy "%temp%\.ansys" C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\.ansys

    ping ansys -4 > C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\ping.log

    "%ANSYSEM_ROOT202%\..\..\Shared Files\licensing\winx64\lmutil" lmstat -a -c [email protected] > C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\lmstat.log

    then zip the C:\Temp\Ansoft_Debug\ folder and email it to waled, please

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