License issue with Ensight for Ansys 19.1

We recently renewed our license and updated it on the license server as we always have. Everything appeared to run ok until users told us they could no longer run Ensight and were receiving a licensing error. Looking at the license file we received, I could see that Ensight was not renewed.

Talking to the license people, they said that Ensight was no longer being licensed because it was now included in the Academic CFD bundle. On our system, we run both 19.1 and 2019R3 versions of Ansys to allow time for migration to newer versions. The error is showing up only when users of 19.1 are trying to use Ensight, not when 2019R3 users try it.

My guess is that Ensight is bundled into 2019R3 and thus doesn't ask for a separate license, whereas 19.1 still does. Our renewed license, however, does not accommodate still running 19.1 since they took out the Ensight license. Is my guess wrong and the problem is something else? I compared our 2019 license to the 2020 license we just received, and it is definitely lacking a renewal of Ensight.

Can someone please help us resolve this quickly? Thank you.

Some of the messages about the license:

(From lmutil): Users of ensight: (Error: 5 licenses, unsupported by licensed server)

(From license server log): Capability ANSYS EnSight does not exist in the ANSYS licensing pool.

(Error users see when starting 19.1 Ensight): ANSYS LICENSE MANAGER ERROR Capability ANSYS EnSight does not exist in the ANSYS licensing pool.



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    That's correct. Your new license probably contains only the 'ensight_enterprise' which is the license feature that was first introduced in 19.2 (although as a beta at that version and need certain flag to use it). That's why 19.1 doesn't recognize this license and only looks for 'ensight'

    If the users can't migrate to newer version than 19.1 at this time, please ask your ANSYS Account Manager to see if they can help issuing this legacy license feature called 'ensight'

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