Icepak solver not running

Hello , Vikram here, I am using a research Mechanical and CFD license and trying to run an Icepak model.

Im trying to run a simple model , where the gpu chips produce heat.

I have used Cut-cell meshing with medium resolution mesh.

Problem setup :- buoyancy driven ,steady state, ignore radiation, boussinesq approx.

After I click on run calculation, The log is stuck here and the graphs do not appear.

It is not a license issue as Icepak is included in the Research mechanical CFD license.

But in the license manager application, license denials tab

Denials increase every time I run my model.

Thank you!

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  • Vikram_AtreyaVikram_Atreya Member
    edited September 11

    Yes the model did run in fluent when i imported it with case file. Thank you!

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