Stuck in solve physics in Fluid Flow under Ansys Discovery AIM

Every time I simulate in Fluid Flow, it will stuck in the last step -- solve physics. I am sure there is no error in settings(at least it shows nothing), and the process goes to 100%, but it just stuck there and won't finish. If I press stop button, some attentions like "stopping at a good point" and "the task is running & can't be stopped" will show up and then it stuck there like forever. I also simplified the model into very basic one with reasonable mesh size and with very simple setting in Fluid Flow, but it's still happening.

May I ask the possible reason for this problem and how can I solve it?

Thank you all.


  • Hello lytsophy,

    This issue was observed in older versions of Discovery AIM. As a workaround, restricting Discovery AIM from creating the voxel file which is used for rapid results viewing, should resolve the issue. Following are the steps involved:

    1. Go to Discovery AIM desktop icon and right click to open Properties panel.

    2. Append the exiting Target field with the following command

      -k AIM.EvaluateSolvedVolumeResults=off

    3. Kindly ensure that the pre-existing entry in the Target field is not disturbed and only the above command is added towards the end of the existing entry. 

    Click on OK. Launch a new session of Discovery AIM, open the concerned project and rerun the analysis.

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