Create a rigid beam

Hi everyone,

I'd like to create a rigid beam/link between to H Beam in workbench.

 So I created 3 lines in SpaceClaim :

I choose the section for the 2 H beam, and then I go to mechanical prepost and the line between the two H disaperead. I'd like to select it and add an APDL Command to put a beam 184 element for it but the line just disapear between spaceclaim and mechanical prepost :

Does someone knows why ?

Thanks for help.


  • akhemkaakhemka Forum Coordinator


    Did you make the additional line a line body? You can use comand object to change the element type in Workbench.


    Ashish Khemka

  • Hi Akheamka,

    Thanks for your answer. I'm very new to Ansys I'm not sure what you mean. All my lines are created in SpaceClaim (lines supposed to be rigid beam too). Then I choose sections for each line (I choose none for my rigid beams). And when I save my geometry and go to "Model" in mechanical prepost, only the lines with sections stay. My lines which I want to assign beam184 dissapear, I suppose it's because they have no section assign ?

    i've tried to assign a random section to the lines supposed to be rigid beams and when I swap to mechanical prepost they stay and I can add some APDL command for thoses lines :




    Maybe I can assign them random section in spaceclaim and then in mechanical prepost when I add BEAM184 to those element I can cancel the section ?

    I hope it's clear and not to fuzzy.

    Thanks again for your time !

  • I suggest you insert a Fixed Joint, and set the Behavior to Rigid. Joints are found under the Connection folder in Mechanical.

    The Mobile side of the Joint will be one vertex, the Reference side of the joint will be the other vertex.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer it's perfect :) Just one thing, will I be able to extract the efforts passing trought this joints between my two beams for my load case ?

    Thanks again !

  • Yes, under the Solution branch, insert a Probe, Joint and you can request the Reaction Forces and Moments going through the Joint Coordinate System.

    If you pick both vertices then create the joint, the Joint Coordinate System will be created halfway between the two vertices. You can then edit the Mobile and Reference scoping to put one vertex in each one since one of them will initially have two vertices.

    The origin of the Joint Coordinate System can be edited, but the method I described above finds the midpoint automatically.

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