Ansys with Matlab


I'm looking for a way to control Ansys from Matlab for structural analyses. What would be the best way to do that? Is Ansys aaS still supported? If so, where can I get the command reference?



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    Please have a look into the following discussion -


    Ashish Khemka

  • Ok, thanks. I take it that aaS would be the best way to go. Sadly, the aaS Toolbox does not officially support the current releases of Ansys and Matlab, but I'll check it out. Concerning the commands, I have found four. Three to set up the connection:




    and one to issue commands:

    char(iCoMapdlUnit.executeCommandToString(insert apdl command here))

    (alternatively, you can skip the ToString to suppress the return)

    So did I get that right? Or is there a lot more to it? (If so, where can I get the complete command list?)

  • Ok so I tried to set up the aaS Toolbox with Matlab R2019b. Sadly, I get an error message that this version is not supported. Does anyone know if the aaS Toolbox is still being maintained and if there will be new releases to support current Matlab versions? After all, aaS seems to be a pretty cool feature. Of course I can downgrade to Matlab R2018b, but with regard to the future, it would be nice to know that aaS will keep up with Matlab.

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