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My goal is to model a simple circuit consisting of a source and load connected by Q2D/Q3D modeled cables.

The first analysis of the cable specs in Q2D were very rudimentary, simply a frequency sweep containing a minimal number of frequency points (to quickly solve). This worked and was straight forward. I added a 2DExtractor Link to the Circuits circuit - and ran a Nexxim Transient simulation. The results were as expected.

Next, I increased the number of freq. points in the sweep for the cable significantly and re-ran the analysis of the Q2D cable...this took quite sometime, since I'm hoping to see electrical circuit frequencies in the 10MHz.

In the Circuits circuit I then select the full sweep solution for each of the Q2D models - then run the analysis of the circuit...no results.

Do I need to update the dynamic link? What steps do I need to do to make sure the new sweep solution propagates into the circuit? I'm really confused....


  • cblaircblair Forum Coordinator


    The dynamic linking between Q2D/Q3D with HFSS Circuit should be automatic. You stated you have several sweeps in the solution setup. Check to see if this sweep is selected in Circuit sweep. You can do this by opening up Setup on Circuit in Project Manager window and seeing which solution has a green dot next toit. If no additional elements in the circuit schematic to cable model the result set should be exactly the same as in Q#D solution. You can verify that the result set from Q#D is being read by Circuit tool by exporting the snp file from Q#D simulation and using that snp file in the circuit tool - again the exact same results just verifying the multisetup analysis.



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