Cyclic Plasticity

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Hello Everyone,

I was Trying to model a frame assemblage under Cyclic Loading. I have a material parameters for the Chaboche Kinematic Hardening model and the parameters for the nonlinear isotropic hardening Exponential law. My Question is since Ansys Only Has the Voce and Power law nonlinear isotropic hardening model can I use the Voce law with the linear coefficient equal to zero (since the the Voce law and the exponential law formulas only differ by the linear coefficient in the Voce law)? What I am basically asking is if Ansys will have a numerical problem while solving if I make the linear coefficient zero? I only have the parameters I specified above I can't curve fit anything.

Exponential Law = σY=σ0+R∞⁢(1-e-b⁢ε¯p⁢l)

Voce Law = σY=σ0+R0*⁢ε¯p⁢l+R∞⁢(1-e-b⁢ε¯p⁢l)

Any help or Suggestion will be very helpful.


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