How to find these values for drucker prager concrete modeling

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I am modeling non linear concrete and want to use drucker prager model. I am very confused how to get these values. Please help me. Compressive strength of concrete is 3940 psi. Thanks in advance.





  • jjdoylejjdoyle PittsburghMember

    Hi Adeel:

    I would refer you to Section 4.9.5 of the MAPDL Material Reference Guide on a full description of Drucker Prager Concrete model with all the options available for the basic DP model and corresponding hardening and softening behaviors after yielding. You can also refer to the MAPDL documentation on command TB,concrete,,,,DP and the corresponding TBDATA command.  These are the commands that are saved to the ds.dat file in the Mechanical Solver directory. The screen shot that you are showing implies that you have softening data, but you only mentioned the material strength in compression.  Do you know how this material will behave after yielding?  If not, you do not need to include this additional information.  The code will assume elastic perfectly plastic behavior with no modification of the original yield surface.  If hardening and/or softening is important, then additional testing would be required to determine these parameters.



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