Ansys Maxwell error 3221227010

Good evening, when I try to install the electromagnetic suite it shows these error at the end of the proces. Which can be the cause? I'm using an accademic license from home through my university VPN. Thanks in advance.




  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    Hello Mario,

    This may be due to a Windows Update, patch KB4571756. We have had reports from several customers of this issue today. The suggestion at this time is to back-out the Windows Update KB4571756.

  • I did not update windows to that patch, I'm still on the previous one.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator


    Is it possible Updates were automatically installed? Please try these steps to verify.

    To uninstall the Windows update:

    1.           Select the start button or Windows Desktop Search and type update history and select View your Update history.

    2.           On the Settings/View update history dialog window, Select Uninstall Updates.

    3.           On the Installed Updates dialog window, find and select KB4571756, and then click the Uninstall button.

    4.           Restart your Windows device.


  • Same problem. Uninstalling KB4571756 and restarting windows fixed it.

    Freaking windows :)

  • I also faced same issue could you inform on this forum whenever windows patch the issue so that i can get the latest windows updates .

    Thank You

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    A recent Windows update, Microsoft update KB4571756, results in one of the Windows functions (DescribePixelFormat) crashing on startup. 

    For versions 2018.0 and newer, please try setting the environment variable ANSYS_EM_DONOT_PRELOAD_3DDRIVER_DLL=1 to get around the problem.

    For guidance on creating an Environment Variable please refer to this link. You need to create a NEW Variable.


    New Variable Value: 1

  • youssefaly97youssefaly97 Member
    edited September 17

    I am facing the same issue, however adding this ANSYS_EM_DONOT_PRELOAD_3DDRIVER_DLL=1 solves part of the problem, it gets SIwave to open the initializing/loading Window instead of just crashing without doing anything. I can confirm that by setting the value to 0 and trying again.

    Uninstalling KB4571756 gives the same results as ANSYS_EM_DONOT_PRELOAD_3DDRIVER_DLL=1.

  • mmadoremmadore Forum Coordinator

    @youssefaly97 - What is the issue you are encountering after setting the variable? Please provide details.

  • This only happens with SIwave, the rest of the suite open just fine.

    SIwave displays the initializing/loading window/screen for a few seconds, then a standard window opens that is just small enough for the close, maximize & minimize buttons. After a few seconds, both disappear and SIwave is no longer visible in the Task Manager.

    If the variable value is set to 0, or if I uninstall KB4571756, SIwave does not open any windows and is only visible in the Task Manager for a few seconds before it disappears.

    Currently running Windows 10 2004 with all updates installed.

    I have attached a screenshot for clarity.

  • I remembered something that hopefully can be useful solving this.

    When the update first came out SIwave would crash instantly. I tried to reinstall Ansys Electromagnetic Suite again but then it would come to the final part of the installation and would show a window called "Machine Configuration Failed". It gives an error code 3221227010 in the binary registration section next to reg_ansysedt.exe and reg_siwave.exe.

    Again, I have attached a screenshot for clarity.

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