How to change mesh size using body sizing?

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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to do a sensitivity analysis on a mesh, so I want to mesh the geometry with three different element sizes. I started with the default element size and then I divided it by 2 and applied body sizing to the geometry in order to set the new value for the element size. Problem is that I get a mesh which is equal to the previous one (the one with the default element size), they have the same number of nodes and elements, which is wrong. I tried by dividing the default element size by 4 and this problem doesn't happen anymore. Can someone please help me? Is it correct to change the element size by using body sizing with a certain value for the element size?

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  • I'd do it slightly differently. I'd keep the entire meshing steps as they are. I'd keep reducing all the sizes by the same factor. This would ensure that the entire mesh is being scaled appropriately.

    If you are still looking for help, please post some screenshots of your mesh and the methods you are using. Please embed these screenshots in your post.



  • Thank you for your answer, and how can I reduce all the sizes by the same factor?

    This is my mesh without reducing the size.

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