Launch MAPDL from command line


i want to launch MAPDL from the command line. Clicking on "Display Command Line" in the Mechanical APDL Product Launcher gives me this line:

"C:\<path>\MAPDL.exe" -g -p aa_r -dis -mpi INTELMPI -np 2 -lch -dir "<path>" -j "file" -s read -l en-us -t -d win32

There are two things that seem strange to me:

1) According to the Ansys help, the file to run should be "ansys201", not "MAPDL.exe" What is the difference? (I do have an "ansys201.exe" in the same directory.)

2) What is the meaning of the parameters -Ich and -t? They are not documented in the Ansys help.

Could someone help me out?


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