Doubt Related to the Fluid Volume Extract

snjaykdubeysnjaykdubey Member Posts: 22

Dear guys,


a. For Fluid Volume Extract which is enclosed within the structural component, Do we need to provide any connection ? which one will be the best one(e.g bonded) or we can just suppress it? I am getting a lot of cyclic dependence error on that.

b. Volume Extract Fluid in space claim show component in terms of Volume , Solid and Surface?, If it is Volume Is it hollow structure?. So if that volume have the fluid it must be converted to the solid ? and if not then can we use the volume for the fluent simulation? whats the difference in both.?

c. Does Fluid Volume must be continuous to get the flow behavior, what if there is discontinuous due to some component mechanics. How to approach such problem

E.g. If there is enclosed channel and crossing over the hill, in that case the flow is intermittent and depending on the entrance pressure to push fluid over the gravity can only make complete continuous flow on other side. what if in any application we don't have that information on entrance pressure or it is secondary information arise due to some external affects?


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