How to get mesh on a vert thin layer(interconnect layer) in Electronics desktop (ANSYS Icepak)


My name is Charles Lu and I am a graduate student. I am currently using ANSYS Electronics Desktop - Icepak module. I tried simulate a structure which has a very thin interconnect layer. For some reasons, I cannot get any mesh on that layer by just using global mesh setting. Is there a way to use local mesh to mesh the thin layer in Electronics Desktop? Or is there a solution to this meshing thin layer issue?

I attached the structure.

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  • uschmidtuschmidt Forum Coordinator


    I would suggest checking the meshing option in chapter 8.3.8. of the R 2020 R2 Icepak User’s Guide. Perhaps you want to try “Optimize mesh counts in thickness direction for package and PCB geometries”.

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