Am I the right approach to enter a piezoelectric material?

Hello everyone,

My final goal is to simulate the static behavior of an embedded beam with 2 lawyers, one piezoelectric (PZT-5H) and the other no piezoelectric (copper) when I put voltage.

I tried to enter a piezoelectric material in ANSYS with piezoelectric And Mems extension.

For that, I add a new material in technical data and I write its anisotropic elasticity:

Then, I did geometry with two boxes:

In model, I assign one material to each lawyer (box):

For boundary conditions I put:

  • fixed support
  • piezoelectric body (with parameters of PZT-5H)
  • voltage

I want to observe directional displacement along z axis because I had to have this result:

Finally, I have no displacement along z axis with the simulation. And it's not normal.

Am I the right approach to enter a piezoelectric material and to put voltage?

And where do you think the problem is?

Thank you for your answers :)


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