HFSS GPU acceleration for my hardware setup

grybkagrybka University of WashingtonMember

I am looking to speed up my HFSS calculations. Currently, my desktop is Windows 10, Intel i7 3.4 GHz with onboard graphics, and 48 GB of RAM. I am thinking of purchasing the NVIDIA K40c or NVIDIA K80 to have GPU acceleration, but I am very scared of wasting >$1k for not much benefit.

1. Will my hardware setup benefit from an NVIDIA Tesla card? Is it possible that my CPU won't be able to effectively implement GPU acceleration?
2. Roughly, what performance increase would I achieve with GPU acceleration from K40c and K80?

Thank you.


  • slouieslouie Irvine, CAMember
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    Hi grybka,

    HFSS will tap the GPU for a few specific scenarios:

    -If you're using the Direct Solver and your mesh count reaches greater than 2 million --- we've seen cases where speedup is ~2x when compared to running on 8cores alone.

    -Some applications that use the SBR+ solver --- very significant speedup!! 

    -If you're running HFSS Transient hybrid solver --- very significant speedup!! 

    If none of those cases apply to you, then GPU is not necessary. 

    Hope that helps your decision making process!


  • grybkagrybka University of WashingtonMember
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    This is very helpful slouie!!

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