Surface to Surface Radiation

I had a question regarding how surface to surface radiation works within ANSYS. In particular, the difference between setting the enclosure type to “perfect” vs “open”. My current understanding is as follows. In a perfect enclosure, all radiation emitting from every surface adjacent to the enclosure ends up striking the other surfaces and none is lost to the environment. In a open enclosure, if ANSYS determines that a particular ray of radiation would not strike any of the other surfaces, that radiation is treated as “ambient” radiation and is radiated off the environment. Is this a correct understanding? 


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Sounds reasonable, but we account for all surfaces in the ray tracing and then decide what happens at the surface: I don't recognise the perfect/open enclosures from skimming documentation but it's also not my area of expertise. The model is described in both the Fluent User's Guide and Theory Manual

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