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hello every one

how can make a mesh for 2D models shown below as a rough bed simulation in icem cfd R16.1


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    I'd use Workbench Meshing as it's much easier. Also be careful with the second model as it looks like the semicircles touch and that may complicate things slightly.

  • thank sir,

    So, you recommend me to use Design Modeler, but I learned to use icem. how to insert drawing from CAD into Design Modeller in any format.

    if i want to complete by icem how can do it can you guide me for any tutorial ?

  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    Use the Import options in DesignModeler.

    Re ICEM CFD, if you click on Help it'll take you to the documentation and any tutorials/videos that we provide.

  • i used import option but it does not work there eror message ,i try in both iges and sat format .

    what type of mesh i seek about for this kind of geometrey

    best regard

  • Hi @salsabeel why dont you try to simulate a smaller portion of the domain since the problem seems to me as symmetric. Also if you are interested in meshing the second geometry using ICEM, try using the global mesh settings initially and check the mesh quality(determinant, aspect ratio, skewness), and if it meets your expectation, then proceed with the simulation.

    The first geometry would be relatively easier since the roughness has a rectangular shape, you will have to split the blocks and the meshing procedure would be similar to the one used in microchannels.

  • @subhamdas thank you i will try your suggestion and about split block you mean split for every rectangular in geometry but that will take more time and effort is n 't true ?

    and regarding microchannels if you have any website link or tutorial can help me i will be appreciate that .

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