How to implement thermodynamic database for chemkin with ionic species and electron


I am trying to implement an 11 species (O2, O, NO, N, N2, NO+, N2+, O2+, O+, N+, E) reaction model into Ansys Fluent but I receive the following error message:

"Thermo data of species e was not found, or species cp type not handledError at host: Memory allocation failed during Chemkin mechanism import"

The source for my therm.dat file is Burcat's Thermodynamic Database (7 coefficient polynomials for cp(T)):

Obviously this doesn't contain information regarding the electron. So my question is how to set up a simulation with an electron and ionic species in Ansys Fluent?

Thanks for your help!

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  • rahkumarrahkumar Forum Coordinator


    May I please know which version you are using? Thanks.

  • CFDGerCFDGer Member


    i am using Ansys Fluent 2020R1


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