Beginner question: Can you run analyses simultaneously in Ansys Workbench?

Say I have two analyses in my workflow. Can I run them both concurrently so that they act as one system? For example, let's say I'm running an electromagnetic simulation with analysis A--can I have an analysis B running at the same time that affects the results of analysis A's electromagnetic effects?

I understand that you can combine results, but is this the same thing (having two analyses interact in one system as they run simultaneously)?

I apologize if this is a dumb question, but I couldn't find an answer anywhere on the forums. Thank you!

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  • Good to know. Thank you, @subhamdas !

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    I have to disagree with @subhamdas because ANSYS does have the ability to pass data back and forth between two analyses in "real time".

    It is called system coupling and is routinely done for Fluid-Structure Interactions (FSI) for transient simulations. The Fluent simulation calculates the pressure at every point in the fluid domain in the first time step, and that data is passed to the Transient Structural model, which solves for the deformation in that time step. The deformed shape is passed back to Fluent for the next time step, which updates the pressure, and that is fed back to Transient Structural to calculate the deformation for the next time step. This back and forth continues until the end of the simulation time .

    The System Coupling component does this data transfer. 2-way coupling is not supported in the free Student license, you need a Research license to do that. 1-way coupling is supported in the Student license, where the Fluid pressure solution can be passed to Static Structural to compute the deformation.

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