Streamlines in EnSight using MRI data


I am using EnSight to post-process phase contrast MRI data of flow through arteries. I am able to compute the flow rate accurately in each branch using cut planes and obtain mass conservation. However, I am unable to generate streamlines from the main artery through the branches, since the streamlines stop prematurely after a short distance. Increasing the 'Total time limit' does not improve the results. Please see the images below.

Can anyone help with this please.

Thank you,




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    Hi Gavin,

    Couple of quick questions:

    • Do you have more than one fluid cell-zones in your model?
    • Since this is a transient simulation, I am assuming that you are running a particle tracking model? Did you make sure to write the data is written for all time-steps? You should be able to check this from your folder where you are reading your ensight files from.



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    I'm also using Ensight to post-process MRI data, and I need to import 4D flow MRI data which is in DICOM format into Ensight. However, I have no idea about this.

    Would you mind sharing that how to get the flow data from MRI?



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    I'll lock this as you've reposted (new threads are always better). 

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