3 ways motorized valves

Hello everyone,

I am newbie at Twin Builder. Is there anyone who tried to build 3 way valves ROM model which is controlled by motorized gear system ? I want to analyse its on-off time under the 20 bar water pressure.

I need your ideas and advices.

Thank you.

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  • Hello Mr.Kremella,

    Thank you for your interest and efforts. Have healthy days.


  • Hello,

    I hope you are well.

    I created a model which is separeted in to 2 modellica model as gear, which is motorized mechanism, and valve. I tried to simulate output torque of reduction. Because there is reduction with 1:24 gear ratio. After that, the torque ,which is generated from this part of valve, should be the reference of my systems on or off condition.

    But still, I dont have what I need. You can see my works below. The liquid, we can assume it is liquid. And the pump get rotational movement from tractor shaft as 540rpm. With the thee junctions, I tried to get best fit to our valves.


  • Hi,

    The model looks interesting, however I don't understand what is missing. Can you elaborate on the difficulties you are facing? Is it about the model compilation or the outputs of models not having enough accuracy ?



  • Hello,

    I hope you are well.

    Still I can't get what is missing in my model. I was trying to direct the liquid. Because, in reality I'm using motorized valves and my real system include at least 7 valves.

    Actually, I could not get motor run condition to my valves.

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