How do I create multiple independent sets of parameters?

I have a project that has multiple standalone systems - each of them is a different mechanical component of a vehicle. I would like to do some parametric studies, but notice that they are all linked by the same parameter set. So, if I'm doing a parametric mesh refinement study in one module and a parametric study in another module where I'm increasing torque on an object, when I create new design points, it wants to update all of the systems.

How do I create separate sets of parameters and design points for different systems? I want to be able to do a parametric study one one system while leaving the other systems untouched.



  • Please reply and insert an image of your workbench project page.

  • ciemaciema Member
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    I suppose the problem is related with issue: how to run what if analysis for single analysis block (not for both simultaneously), because if you even go to cell connected with Parameters for a single block, for example block A, it solves parallelly design points for the second analysis (B):

    So i think the question is: how to solve design points only for single analysis, because solving simultaneously lot of blocks takes too much time.

  • Parameters from all the systems on the same project will go to the same parameter set. You can have separate WB file for every standalone system and then every system will have its own parameter set.

  • Okay, as far as i know, there is no way to solve "what if" analyses separately, you have to create individual project or solve all design points at one approach for all of them.

  • Yes, @ciema's interpretation is correct - I am trying to run an analysis on just one system (the "A" system, and not the "B" system).

    It's also my understanding that you have to create individual projects, but my hope is that my understanding is incorrect and that there is a way to do it.

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    One way to cause the solution block to be skipped is to put in the Command /eof into the Mechanical model of system B. You can suppress this command when you want system B to solve.

  • For your information :) I've tested required time for updating design points with /eof command and without this command. The results suggest that time required for full analysis with /eof is bigger than without this command. Maybe its because of searching for problems during solve.

    Anyway i think the best solution for now is to create seperate projects for each "What if" analysis.

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