Maxwell / Simplorer (Twin Builder) Coupling

Hello everyone,

I'm working on my master thesis right now with a paid Academic version. I have an inductive power transmission line, that I want to simulate with Maxwell and optimize for resonance with Simplorer. Now, since I've found contradicting info online, I want to ask what gets ported to Simplorer from the Maxwell model?

If I, for example, add an Eddy Current link, will my Simplorer circuit need additional resistances and inductances with the values of the Maxwell simulation, or are the already included and I would end up with double the values I intended?

Also, if I use Simplorer to start a simulation, will I be able to see fields resulting from the coupled simulation. So far I've only managed to plot fields when I excited my system in Maxwell, but if I excited it through Simplorer, no resulting fields were plottable.

Thanks in advance and kind regards.



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