LS-DYNA Single Element Material Verification for MAT_JOHNSON_COOK

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I have seen some papers reference talk about single element verification of material models, however they usually only show a diagram of a constrained square, a few parameters and the general material parameters used.

I was wondering if anyone had a good reference material on how to do single element verification using LS-DYNA?

For example I am wanting to use MAT_JOHNSON_COOK with material Al5083 H116 and I seem to have results that show stress being 10000x smaller and steeper curve in my YY stress-strain plot than what is published from T. Borvik et al, Perforation of AA5083-H116 aluminum plates with conical-nose steel projectiles - calculation, 2009. My study in LS-DYNA is using Tonne, mm, s, MPa, N-mm and however which way I look at it, I can't seem to spot if I had made any unit error etc. in my 2D shell with thickness study. So i'm leaning towards set up error, so inquiring about set up material.




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