How to include the university license server in the freemium version

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I have downloaded a freemium version (i.e., Free Student Software) of ANSYS and used it for a couple of days. And now want to upgrade using the university license server so I can run more heavy calculations. I have a Licence.txt file with the content of


I have access to the university VPN as well if required. I would appreciate if you could help me know where should I put this server address or the given text file for that matter.


  • RobRob UKForum Coordinator

    The Student and full versions don't handle the licence in the same way, and tend to conflict if installed on the same machine. Uninstall the Student version then install the full version (University IT may need to get you the files as students don't have access to the Customer Portal), you will probably need to connect to the University network to access the licence. You may be better off using VPN+remote access to run the jobs on the University system from home.

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