Student Product Release Policy

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Policy: Ansys provides download options for three latest student versions only. Prior release download packages beyond three recent releases will not be retained/provided on the download page

How to renew old student versions not available on download page:

If you have an installation of a prior release that has an expired license then you can follow these instructions to upgrade that expired license key.

Additional information:

For each release we build in the license key which has a duration of 12 months – At this time it is not practical for us to go back and rebuild the downloads that fall outside of the two prior release window.

We understand that there are cases where a university professor is continuing to teach using a prior release, and that University IT staff time software version upgrades to fall during semester breaks to minimize disruption. In such cases, we encourage students that need installations of a prior release Ansys Student product to work with their professor to gain access to the relevant Ansys Academic Teaching licenses, or ideally get their professor to upgrade to a more recent release – Using the most recent release will ensure that you have the absolute best simulation experience, latest, fastest solvers, access to the very latest features. Note also, that although the difference between two point releases introduces many cool feature enhancements, the products’ general UI and workflow changes should not be disruptive to course content and shouldn’t prohibit a Professor from upgrading - Updating a lab’s software installation is relatively straightforward, and could be implemented overnight or at a weekend.


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