What Element type should be used to model Concrete?

I am performing a simulation to identify the slip between the rebar and concrete. I was able to obtain results with using a 3mm mesh (this is the lowest size that was supported by the academic version). By default, when I check the solver output, it shows that SOLID187 is used to model both the rebar and concrete.

In some of the past academic articles, I have seen that SOLID65 element used to model the concrete. Is it incorrect to just use the default element type assigned by ANSYS workbench? I am using ANSYS19.1

My objective is just to obtain the displacement between the concrete and rebar when it reaches the ultimate tensile strength (560MPa). So I applied about 33kN of force (as I am using symmetry). So which element type should I use?

The rebar has 500MPa yield strength and 560MPa of Ultimate tensile strength).

The concrete has a characteristic strength of 40MPa.

I hope I can get some help/guidance.

Thanks in advance!


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