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Hi all,

I have a question about how to plot the stresses correctly.

I have used a 10*2*2 beam which is fixed at one end. Applied a force of 100 pounds at the other end. Theoretically when we calculate , stress on the beam should be F/A which will come to 25psi. But in the ansys result, most of the areas are at 25psi, but towards the fixed end, stresses go high as 60psi. How do I explain this to some one, who dont have much idea about FEA, or is there a way in ANSYS post processing to show stresses are equal everywhere.

I am new to this , so suggestions would be helpful.

stress result


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    Don't use a Fixed Support. Replace that with a Remote Displacement with all DOF set to 0 and set the Behavior to Deformable.

    The material's Poisson ratio means that when an axial load creates an axial strain, the material creates lateral strain that reduces the width of the part as the length increases.

    A Fixed Support prevents this lateral strain from occurring, which creates a stress. The Deformable Remote Displacement allows this lateral strain to occur, which eliminates the added stress at the supported end.

  • Thank you Peter, I will try the above things

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