Strain in Deformation Analysis course: Importable Engineering Data missing from the zip file


I'm doing the Brake Pad Analysis in the Strain in Deformation Analysis course. I noticed that the provided zip file didn't include the engineering data xml file which is supposed to be used in order to import the engineering data to the analysis. Also the how to video didn't show the material properties of those imported materials fully so I couldn't apply them manually either. Could this be fixed or am I just missing something?



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  • sdeogekasdeogeka Posts: 233Member
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    Hello Niklas,

    Thank you so much for bringing this to our notice. We have fixed the issue and if you download the zipped folder again, it should include the xml file with all the material data. Then you can import the engineering data and there would be no need to define those materials manually.

    Thank you again! Hope you enjoy the course and find it useful!



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